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Why So Many People Fear a Root Canal

Posted on 8/30/2019 by Bellevue's Best Smiles
Why So Many People Fear a Root CanalFor some, it is their worst nightmare. The pain they have in their tooth is more than just a simple cavity. It is a problem that has gone deeper in the tooth and now affects the roots. Because the pain from a cavity going bad is more than most people can bear, they come to our office and hear the words they fear the most, the need for a root canal.

The fear people have is based on the things they have heard, but a little knowledge about what a root canal is and how we treat it can help overcome the fears that people have.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is done when there is a need to remove material from the tooth that has disease or damage. The root canal removes the pulp that is behind the enamel and dentin of the tooth. Unlike a simple filling, the root canal goes deeper into eh tooth and removes more of the tooth before putting the filling in place.

What Do People Fear?
The list of things people say they are afraid of when it comes to a root canal can get long. At the top of the list is pain. They are afraid that getting a root canal will hurt as much during the procedure and after the procedure as it does before it. The pain is something that sedation and over the counter medications can manage.

Another common fear people have is the fear of the sounds of the drill used for the root canal. Because the procedure is more complicated than a simple filling, the drilling may take longer. With the help of sedation, this is another fear that you can overcome.

Instead of focusing on the fear of the root canal procedure, think of the fear of what can happen if you don't get it done. The problems will not get better, they will only get worse. It is better to spend a short time getting the root canal than dealing with other issues for a long time. Call us for more information about root canals.

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